Feb 17, 2008

my extended backyard

For the last couple of weekends,...weather, rides, friends, timing..different things have altered my plans and it seems that getting out in the far backcountry just hasn't been working out...at first I get disappointed but then end up finding some neat things to do locally.. today made me realize that my backyard is pretty amazing....I seem to always want to escape somewhere far from the city as thats where I seem to find peace of mind, a sense of freedom and happiness...its where I am able to best connect with my emotions...Skinning up Mt Seymour I realized that there is such escape right behind my back door...I don't need to rely on anyone nor do I need a lift to the mountain. Its a good feeling to be self sufficient.

I woke up early, strapped by skis to my pack and walked (approx 30 min) to the shuttle pick up...because I am staff at Mt Seymour I get to ride the shuttle for free so up I went on the first morning shuttle..I managed to get to the base of the trail for about 9am and the sun was already shining down. I didn't have much of a plan, as I was alone and had never been past the first peak at Seymour. I scooted past some folk and then just kept going...I know I shouldn't go into the backcountry alone but it needed to be done today...I needed to know that I can rely on myself...it was beautiful and noone was up there yet...(by 11am the crowds started to form and I was happy to skip out and ride the lifts for a bit before heading back down on the noon shuttle)...so I was back home for 1pm with a good morning tour behind me....

the sun just kept shining so I was ready to get on the move again. I headed out for a trail run...just the perfect day...the sun was able to sneak through the trees and most of the snow has melted from the trails...I managed to find a new trail (that Kim told me about) hung out by the river and then made my way home....a solid 2.5hr run...it felt great. I am beat now though...A good day for someone who isn't feeling too motivated...I'm trying...The mountains are magical to me...I am able to release my mind and take in the beauty of it all.

Live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

some pics from an awesome sunset at Ambleside park

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