Feb 4, 2008

Local Fun!

Stayin’ Local

This weekend was fairly different than my typical weekends out in the backcountry. It started off with a YETI Snowshoe Race up on Mt Seymour. The morning was looking rough but as the race proceeded the weather took a turn for the better. The course was quite good but tough with so much fresh powder. It made it difficult to pass on the single track sections which called for some more strategizing throughout the race. These shorter races are typically a little harder for me as I tend to race with a certain speed which I am able to maintain over a long distance rather than go out fast for a short period. So in a 10km race it isn’t until the last ¾ of the race where I actually feel good and instead of slowing down I am able to maintain my same speed. I did manage to beat the girl who won at Mt Washington but there were some quick females out there and not sure of my exact placing as I had other engagements to attend to after the race. I think maybe 4th female.

Lina just chillin…

Saturday afternoon was gorgeous. I had a lunch date with a good fried of mine, Nicole. I decided to grab the bike and meet her down at the Quay. We had a fabulous lunch and then chatted and relaxed by the water, in the sun on the Quay. It was fantastic.

Grouse Mountain

Sunday, my plans of backcountry fell apart…sometimes these things happen. I was upset for a while but pulled myself together and figured there was no reason to be upset when I still found myself on a ski mountain, in the sun and skiing with fantastic company. Looking back, it was a good exercise in self control, self awareness and making the best of the situation. I had a great time, thanks DAVE!

I managed to squeeze in a trail run as the sun was setting. It was a great way to finish off the weekend.

Live, Love, Laugh,…DREAM!

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