Nov 18, 2007

3 Masters and a Bachelor hit up Cerise Creek

I received a call at 5:50am from Pete. "We are here...." I eagerly jumped into the truck; SJ, Luisa, Pete and I were on our way to Cerise Creek for another weekend of "shreddin the gnarly pow pow". We arrived at what we thought to be the entrance point to the trail. After getting the truck stuck half way onto the side of the road and then out again, Pete realized that infact it was not the correct entrance point. Back in the truck and a kilometer later we found it! Taking the summer route we made it to the hut with enough time to eat, stash our stuff and hit the ridge for one run before dark. We managed to find some fantastic powder and got a bunch of sweet turns in before night.

At the hut, after dinner, melting snow for water and Pete doing a fantastic job on starting the fire we played a round of euchre. Now, Pete and I knew the game but we had to fill SJ and Luisa in on the rules. The game came down to the last point. Alas Luisa and I managed to take the win....

Sunday morning proved to be a beautiful day. The sun came out, we found some deep powder, some fabulous lines to ski and had the entire place to ourselves....It was magical!

I felt much more confident on my skis this weekend and am quickly becoming addicted to this sport of backcountry skiing!!!!

life is good.

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