Nov 26, 2007

James Bond Bassin November 24-25 2007

James Bond Bassin (Steep Creek)

Saturday morning Pete, Kristen, Luisa and I headed to Squamish to pick up Jay and meet the rest of the crew in Pemberton for around 8am.

We headed out to the James Bond Bassin for my first winter camping/skiing adventure. The Ski in was surprisingly mellow with about a 600m-elevation gain and most of it was on a logging road that was already tracked out for us. Jay, Luisa and I set up camp (we were sharing a 2 person tent for the three of us…lucky for us we are 3 fairly little people).

After everyone got his or her tents up and sorted we were off to a nearby slope. Pete did a fab job of breaking a great trail and off we went. We ended up doing loops in the area for the rest of the afternoon. I managed to sneak in 4 runs…I have already noticed a great deal of improvement in my skills and confidence from the first weekend we were all out.

Back at camp Jay, Alex and Luisa set up a fine outdoor kitchen for us and were onto making some soup, warm tea and dinner. We all ate ourselves silly, drank a variety of luxurious beverages such as hot whiskey, hot choc and whiskey and the staple bailey’s and hot chocolate.

The full moon was spectacular that evening and lit up camp well enough that head lamps were hardly needed.

I was pretty zonked and the three of us settled into our nest at about 730pm. I must say I was much more comfortable than expected throughout the night. We awoke to a brisk morning, frost was inside and outside of our tent.

We headed to the other side of the lake up and over. I was feeling a little tired Sunday morning but the fabulous snow, sun on the horizon and the beautiful scenery kept me pumped for wanting more until…….a very frustrating experience occurred. My skins failed to collaborate with my skis and after many attempts I had to cut my losses and begin my ski down back to camp. Luckily I got a couple of fabulous runs in but it definitely ruined my spirits for a bit…..

We made it out just as dark fell upon us and we quickly found ourselves talking about next weekend adventures while scarfing down some delicious Pony expresso Pizza.

Another fabulous weekend……

Lovin’ the pow.