Jan 29, 2016

Tav is one month old!!!! Hope he is a water baby 'cause I have SUP on my mind...

I can't believe its been a whole month already! Time flies when you are watching over a little person, watching them grow and start developing..... Tav is great. I have very little experience with newborns but I would guess he is on the calm side... He just doesn't like being naked and then his wild side comes out... haha.. I truly love being a mother... We are starting to bond through poop faces and feeding times. Yes like most other new parents our conversations now are mostly about the colour of poop, etc... haha

On the recovery side of things. I have been taking it rather easy this week after a big weekend of hiking and xcountry skiing I thought I shouldn't test my luck too much and have just been cruising with the man on the pavement with him in the stroller... and some very light stretches and body weight stuff... I feel good.. and am getting anxious to get out there and play for real but I know I still need to wait and heal heal heal... :)

Carolina Cup is my goal... I know it is only 3.5 months post birth but I find it nice to have goals. I have no idea what my body will do??!!? I do know I will likely have to breastfeed the man as soon as I finish as I am pretty sure my boobs are gonna kill me by the end of the race:) It will be interesting too see how quickly I can start training again... I don't want to injure myself or re injure the surgery area so its going to be slow but if I am smart I feel like it is doable... I won't lie I am nervous to race. I am competitive and I left the scene on a high and in good form... Now, not only do I have post c section to deal with but I also have my everyday life differences of having a small infant to look after:) What a journey and I hope to share it with others:) the good, the tough, and the AMAZING... it is pretty amazing:)

Also, I will be putting on a Women's Clinic at Carolina Cup which I am very much looking forward to...  I love teaching, and sharing;)

Carolina Cup Clinic!
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Ladies! We've got a clinic just for you! Find out about our clinic with Lina Augaitis–one of the world’s top female SUP racers–here: ow.ly/XytTl ||‪#‎supcarolinacup‬ ‪#‎sup‬ ‪#‎paddleboard‬ ‪#‎standuppaddle‬ ‪#‎wrightsvillebeach‬@linaaugaitis


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