Jan 10, 2016

10 Days: Tav's life= Eat, Poo, Pee, and Sleep...and my road to recovery

We have also gone grocery shopping, and on some wintery walks in Kal Park and around the hood..

Tav has been entertaining us quite well, the days slip away between naps, feeds, changing diapers, tummy time,, etc. It's funny I can't really remember life without him now... and its only been 10 days.

Personally, I am glad that I am no longer pregnant and that instead of my tummy growing in size it is slowly shrinking but my new troubles are more in the chest region.... instead of getting smaller they have grown tremendously... For a regular woman this might be exciting stuff but for an athlete and me personally it is pretty frustrating thankfully it is for the function of keeping the little man alive and healthy so I am coming to grips with them being annoying and in the way... I'll leave it at that

I have been recovering well (knock on wood)... Granted I am still on Tylenol and Ibuprofin to get me through the days, I have been moving about almost normally... From caring for Tavas, some minor house cleaning, and my walks my goal is to get my blood flowing and body moving... I still have awhile before I can lift anything but am slowly trying to rebuild strength through some more endurance style activities. I mention my walks, these are still quite casual in nature for example what would normally take me 10 minutes to walk takes me 20min... haha... so it is nothing exhilarating but at least provides me with the mental sanity of getting outside and doing some "exercise"....

All in all we are all happy and doing well... let the adventures of parenthood continue.... as they will:)

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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