Jan 25, 2016

3.5 weeks: Tav is still cute and I am still on the recovery train

Andrew wrote a fun blog so I am just going to link to his...


Notes on my recovery and life with Tav:

I am off pain meds and have been for a few days now... which feels great and allows me to listen to my body more carefully.
 I am up to 1 hour walks on the snowy trails behind our house... Its great as its a 30 minute uphill slogg and then a slightly slippery 25 min downhill so I have to use my stabilizing muscles... I am trying to increase the time and the intensity a little each day.... I feel good before, during, after... doesn't feel like exercise but I know I have to keep it easy for a little while longer... I can't wait until I can start SUPin, skiing, swimming, biking again.... oh and lift some weights... I've never seen my abs so floppy before:) haha.

At home I have been starting to do some body weight exercises, slowly with little intensity but trying to get the motions there... I am doing high reps of everything. I have also started doing some mild yoga.

I feel good but am trying my best not too push it too much yet as I am only 3 weeks out of surgery. This is a huge mental challenge for me but if I look at it in a positive manner it's a nice test of psychology and mental work out... I hope my patience now will reward me in the future witha solid recovery and when I am ready to hit it hard again I can....

We tried out the Kindershuttle this weekend up at Sovereign Lakes on xcountry skis.... I felt great throughout my ski (I did take it extremely easy) but I fear between that and slightly more intense hikes I might have pushed slightly too hard... So now I am totally taking it easy for a few days (for real).... I don't think I did any damage but I really don't want to re tear anything... sometimes a small scare is good to put me back in place and reassess my recovery...

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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Fimo said...

it's hard for me to imagine you taking it easy and not pushing your body...this is a good test for you :)