Aug 11, 2015

Quadra Island Fun

photo by Dana 

photo by Dana

I suppose July had been the longest time where I have stayed in one spot and away from the ocean in quite some time.
Moving to Lake Country has been amazing and I have been on my board more than ever for training, commuting, and teaching but the ocean is a whole other beast and different kind of love. I do miss it but truly, it is not that far away,and although my life will soon be slightly more complex and different when our first child is born, I am confident the ocean will never be too far away.
photo by Dana

Originally, I was suppose to be out on the east coast of the US sharing the Werner and SUP stoke but as plans changed I found myself able to make the Quadra Island trip instead.  Although, I love my new life as a pro athlete, teacher, outdoor enthusiast, traveling the world, racing, etc it is nice to sometimes sit back and enjoy a nice long weekend with good friends, where competition or training are not the focus... Its important to find these moments (whether they are easier due to injury, pregnancy, or whatever life has thrown at you or by maybe making a choice not to go race one weekend and instead explore and relax...)

The weekend was a mix of Bachelorette, birthday, relaxing, camping, SUP, mtn bike, wine tasting(I was the DD) and just all around good outdoor fun with a solid group of folks.
PHOTOS (thanks Dana!):

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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