Aug 17, 2015

The Summer of the beginning of the new generation of Canuck SUPerstars:)

Since my last elite race was the end of June this year... I have taken on a few new projects for the summer... Creating, teaching, inspiring the new generation of mini Canadians to paddle fast and love it...

I have taught 5 weeks SUP kids camp through Kalavida Surf Shop and Camp Hatikva.. I likely saw about 40 kids through those programs alone...

I have also developed the Junior SUP Club in conjunction with Kalavida Surf Shop. Here, is where I am hoping to continue to create a strong development program of future SUPerstars... hehehe.. and or give kids a chance to try out the sport in a more competitive and structured way. The overwhelming response in the Okanagan, specifically Vernon BC has been amazing. There are around 35 kids ages 8 through 13 that have signed up for the Junioe SUP Club this summer. These numbers have inspired me to continue my work with them and to continue to grow the program next year and throughout the years to come. Watch out world... some Vernon SUP stars might be causing some world drama:)

I am also trying to start morning SUP training sessions where we older folk get together and I run interval workouts for those interested in fitness and or racing. (still working on growing this one...)

Kalamalka Classic is one of Canada's largest SUP events and it will be its 6th year running. I have been the Queens of the Lake for 4 of the 5 years (I was away working in China in 2012) and am now stepping into the organizational role for this and hopefully future years. Its been fun helping out on the other end of things.... Come on out Sept 5/6 2015 to Vernon BC (Kalamalka Lake Beach) and check it out and let me know what you think:)

I am off to the Gorge Paddle Challenge this weekend.... there is a rather small chance I might race?!?!!? but am hoping to jump in the announcer booth and help out in order to keep getting my feet wet in the event organization side of things:)

So, I have been busy busy... but its not just about others,... I have been working on staying healthy and in shape.... don't count me out of 2016 races just yet... I have some plans up my sleeve:) hehehe

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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