Jan 5, 2015

Celebrating an amazing year past and new adventures to come....

Wow, just returned from a great road trip with the hubby.... It was the perfect finish to a grand 2014 and a great beginning to the adventures to be had in 2015.

we found a couch at the top of the climb..so we sat in it and enjoyed the views

Month by month highlights of 2014

Orange Bowl Florida race first WIN on SIC boards and meeting new friends!!!!

Week long backcountry ski trip with friends in the Kootenays, BC....

Sayulita Classic:Wins and conquering Waves

Carolina Cup: racing alongside Jenny and seconds between 1st and 3rd places

ISA Worlds: Battling hard with Shakira and hearing Canadian anthem on the podium

AN amazing month loaded with fun and success
SUP Expedition with Olympic gold medalist triathlete Simon Whitfield and other amazing folks
Winning the title of Fastest Female Paddler on Earth in Germany
Falling in love with Lake Garda, Italy and spending fun times with Sonni, Helgo and Cristiaan

Kind of loved the crazy travel  month Colorado to Maui to Germany to Maui
M2O with Art

Meeting Thor and gang at Lobster Cup, Maine US....
SIC house at the Gorge Paddle Challenge

Local races:  Kalamalka Classic,  Round the Rock, Board the Fjord
Surviving Huntington's smashing waves
Meeting my SoCal amazing family

Winning BOP Distance and Podium at BOP Elite course..... BOP overall:) WHAT?!?!?!
Turtle Bay: Winning the World Series Title

HOME time

Getting a sweet contract working at an amazing private school, teaching outdoor education with some pretty spectacular teachers....
Spending 11 days on the road with my hubby.... the BEST!!!!!

 I know 2015, will be filled with just as much adventure, emotion, love, hardwork, friendships etc as 2014 but taking what I learned and experienced in 2014... I can only imagine that 2015 will bring even richer and deeper experiences:)

It is all about the support from family, sponsors, and friends (new and old).... If there is a life lesson I can pass along to others that I have learned in life so far.... Life is all about the amazing people that you are surrounded by.... So,  go and surround yourself by the fabulous people and don't forget to be that fabulous person yourself too....

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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