Jan 29, 2015

Finding Balance between Job #1, Job #2, Training, Playing, Family and Friends (in no particular order), oh and REST!

It's tough to perfect the art of balance...

this person has perfected one type of balance

I love the juggle that my life has become. It is full of adventure, amazing people, amazing places, experiences, learning, hard work, joy, and yes sometimes stress... one thing it is not, is SIMPLE... so the art of balance becomes important... it's interesting to me that most sports that I have excelled in and or love involve balance in a big way: Gymnastics, rock climbing, mtn biking, slacklining, stand up paddleboarding (to name a few).... hmmm..

Balance photo by Noelani Sachi

I am constantly trying to figure out how to make all aspects of life fit like a glove. Its no easy task, and likely tough to perfect, but I think I am slowly getting there, constantly learning through experience...

 I LOVE my contract work as an outdoor ed teacher, but it sometimes makes it tough to get all my training in. When I try to squeeze training in with a job, then my logistic planning for my other life/job gets tough,. then there goes wife duties, then friends and family, etc etc etc the domino affect is in full swing...I have a personality where I can't just sit tight, I am always planning ahead.  I am constantly finding ways to go on amazing adventures,  push my limits physically and mentally, inspire and motivate others and give back to sports and communities that have given me so much.... If I ever feel like it is all going to collapse I love to go for a trail run, a SUP, or a ski tour.... its my getaway even if its just for a few hours... I recharge, refocus, and then blaze away full tilt!

But in all seriousness how do I manage?... not sure, I have lovely friends that don't forget about me, I have an amazing hubby that can understand and supports, and most importantly I enjoy everything that I do...
I commute by bike to work (cardio workout check),.... I sneak in a gym workout before I head home (strength check), I try to get my important workouts in during the week so I can make sure I have time to go explore and adventure in the outdoors with friends (quadruple check, adventure, friends, hubby, and usually great cardio workout)...and on slow days I try to clean and bake... :) Somewhere in there I squeeze in social media, logistics,  etc.

I LOVE LISTS....they save me... I love that feeling of crossing off a to do... thats how I do it!!!! Sometimes I miss something, or forget to call back or reply, don't do the dishes or take out the garbage... don't be angry,... just call again, write again, or give me time. It is all important to me but sometimes, I also need to sit on the couch and just relax (I'll admit rare but it does happen).....

Finding balance takes time and practice. 

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!


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