Jun 10, 2013

Long Paddles, Talks and busy times at work....

Somehow it all works out?!?

Molokai and my time on Maui is definitely sneaking up on me. Am I ready?!? Hard to know and hard to think about at the moment as there are many things in my schedule before July 4th (my flight to Maui).

Today (Sat) I was glad to be able to spend some time with my good friend.... showing her the trails on the shore via mtn bike, seeing her smile and her excitement was really great... also nice to catch up with friends... something I have been missing since trying to juggle having a full time job, training, and being a wife... I was so tired on Saturday afterwards it was tough to do much else but chores were in order....

Sunday I had the pleasure to speak at the Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films. Peter Alfred put on a great festival. I was excited to introduce the film Hand to Stand. A must see 25 minute film. I also got to share my experiences with Stand Up Paddleboarding with others in hopes that they too follow their dreams and goals and well try out out SUP...

The weekend prior I managed to sneak in a 45km paddle from Eagle Harbour on West Vancouver to Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast. There was a stagette I wanted to attend but also needed to get a long paddle in. I figured why not do both with a bonus feature of mtn biking with ladies on some great trails... I really lucked out with weather... no real downwinding but at least the headwind wasn't too bad with mostly easy chop and flat waters. Johnny kept me company via sea kayak. It took 7 hours with some beautiful rest stops along the way. I took an outside line and then in between  Pasley Island and Popham Island before hitting Gower pt on the sunshine coast. I was on a 14ft x 27 Starboard Ace, which was great for the choppy stuff and still had great glide when the water was flat. I even had room to store a dry bag full of gear. I used my small grand prix Werner paddle which was perfect with its light design and small blade my arms could handle the long day of paddling. I was wearing my super comfy, stylish, cool and amazingly wickable material Laiph board shorts and top, had my Ryders sunnies in the bag but unfortunately did not need to pull them out as it was overcast all day... I probably didn't eat enough, but I did have a waterbottle full of pre blended Vega smoothy, some Coco's Pure and then a bladder with some Nuun. I am still trying to figure out my liquids for longer paddles and races. I had my Chaco sandals strapped to my board for easy access for when we stopped on shore, which is awesome. I love these sandals. I would have worn them on the board but the water is still a little cool for my feet and am still wearing neoprene booties... I also applied some On It Pro before heading out to ensure my glide was as efficient as possible... The last 2 hours were tough, my arms really started to get sore and the last hour a very not helpful side chop made things just a little bit tougher, it was all mental at the end. I was glad to reach Sechelt and see my ladies though.... Now just add huge swell, wind, chop, no land, and some sharks and we've got Molokai to Oahu crossing:)

I've been getting to most tuesday night races in Deep Cove. I really love these nights, mostly for the crowd and the community and also for a reason to paddle hard... I love battling it out with the guys.... THANKS Deep Cove Canoe and Kayaks and all of you that are involved in keeping the TNR nights alive and well... Thank you wonderful SUP community for making it fun each time.

The Big Chop races have begun out at Vanier Park and also very fun and a very different crowd and water... They are every second Thursday. They have a Big chop and a little chop option. The first week I did the little chop and the second week I did the  BIG chop... Super fun afterwards with burger and beers.
I love that I can be involved in both of these wonderful community events. I love the stoke!

Am I ready for Molokai?
I still have two more expeditions with students and a lot of work at school,....but starting  July 4th, it is all about SUP for a month.... I can't wait to practice my downwinding skills... so pumped... I still need a boat captain and there is a lot of logistics to sort out. I do feel confident in my endurance....

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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