May 30, 2013

Sometimes, it's the little things in life that count the most...

Sometimes it feels like I am not giving back enough, not being involved in any specific organization, charity, or cause... but its days like today that show me I may be wrong... I may in fact be giving back just the way I want; one person at a time at random moments throughout life. One of my goals through racing, expeditions, and sponsorship is to inspire and motivate others to step out of their comfort zones, push their limits mentally, physically, or spiritually, find their passions and follow through, to live life to their fullest in whatever aspect that looks like for them, to take chances in order to find even more success.

Today, not once but twice I got to experience a "YES, I am giving back to this world" moment,; I am helping others and making waves for someone. Today's work day included taken students climbing in Squamish. It was an amazing day where students were smiling, improving, making friends, and generally having fun in the outdoors. It was so thrilling to see some students who initially were scared and not confident in their abilities succeed throughout the day. These kids were making it up climbs and finding that confidence and joy in achieving something they didn't think they could. They realized that if you try, persevere, and problem solve it is possible to achieve things once thought impossible. Achieving is one of the most wonderful feelings one can feel. Today brought me joy and reconfirmed my love to teach and the outdoors.

Today at Crossfit I had my second moment. An old friend let me know that I had popped into her head during her first half marathon race. She was at a point where she was struggling and thought of me and how I would have pushed through the pain and struggle. This thought re energized her and allowed her to finish the race in good form. Thank you for letting me know this Kat and I am glad I could help:) I think that little note helped me crush that work out today. Love the positive energy!

I was going to write about juggling a full time job and trying to be an elite athlete... but I will save that for another day... this was more important!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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