Sep 3, 2011

Hello Ms.A…

School has started and I got to meet my 80 new students that I will be whipping into shape this term. I am teaching 4 PE classes… two all girls and two mixed gender classes. Our first two days of PE though weren’t a good test of what PE will truly look like as we were forced to stay inside (we have no gym and so PE is 100% outside) as the temperatures outside were above 40C…. TOO HOT! We played lots of initiative games and had some fun but I think the students and I are both looking forward to Monday where we get to explode onto the giant field!

Other than lesson planning and teaching, Andrew and I have begun to explore the local area more and more each day. We bought bikes from our local Giant Bike Shop. I got a Pop 3.0 and Andrew a Hunter 3.0. Andrew struggled to find a big enough bike, they seemed to have a large quantity of size small frames.. Our bikes are not of supreme quality but they are tough and hopefully will get the job done.

We have also been out to eat some more with the group. We have finally experienced Hot Pot (comparable to a spicy version of fondue), cold noodles, meet on a stick, and many more dishes. I need to get better at saying I don’t like any kind of meat….. They seem to find it unbelievable that I just want vegetables so out of kindness keep bringing me things with meat in it…. J

We have run a lot but not enough… We have found some little concrete parks with man made lakes, fake concrete tree stumps, crazy gold looking statues, tombstone caves, farm fields in the middle of the city, and more… Running has been a fantastic way to explore the local hood. Now, that we have bikes we can take it a step further and explore little towns just outside the city! Stoked!

We also just booked out first one week holiday. Hainan island here we come. It will be a stand up paddleboarding surf and bike trip!

Live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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