Aug 26, 2011

Getting settled in Yongchuan, China

View of the world from our balcony

We have been in china for about 5 days now. We have settled into our apartment (which is way bigger than our little loft in east van). We spent two days at the school learning about how the school works and what we will be teaching. We get free lunch (we think) which consists of rice and some spicy vegetables and or meats. I've just stuck to the veggies thus far but Andrew has been expanding his horizons in the meat world.

View of random fireworks from our apartment

I am getting excited to do some exploring on my new 'Giant' Pop 3.0 Bike but we have to wait for a bigger one to come in for Andrew.... We've been out on a couple of runs in between group actvities and are excited to get out on our legs in the nearby countryside. We did find some nice city routes along the river(it is not quite a river but not sure what it is so I will call it a river for now). 

Yesterday we had to head to the big city of Chongqing (30 million people) to get our medicals done and do some shopping etc. We scored a badminton set as we have courts on the property around our apartment. Can't wait to hone my skills and challenge the chinese....

Little chinese boy playing with a little turtle in the bag

On the way home there was a huge accident on the highway and we got detoured onto a backroad. Can't wait to go back on our bikes, it was sketchy, windy, and climbed up and over a mountain going past the countryside of Zamou (town in between Yongchuan(our town) and Chongqing). Exciting times.

It is HOT here but not unbearable really, I'm on a mission to find a way to get into the Olympic size pool that seems to be empty and surrounded by gates:)

I found out my teaching assignment: PE 12, PE11, PE10 and grad transitions. I am very HAPPY with this! I am totally looking forward to teaching and even more so seeing our gym get finished by October!

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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