Sep 10, 2011

Exploring Tea Mountain By Bike

View of a University campus and lake from half way up Tea Mountain

We completed our first full week of teaching at Maple Leaf. The week finished off with Teacher Appreciation Day. I had the pleasure of receiving many beautifully written cards from various students of mine. These cards re emphasize to me, the reason I love teaching and now I chose the right profession for me.
The weather cooperated a little better than last week... not much better though. After two days of extreme heat we got 3 days of cool rain... hmmm.. The students were pumped though to get outside (as was I) and I got to teach them a bunch of fun minor games like kickball, speedball and capture the flag. In return I learned about a Japanese superhero called Ultimate, the chinese word for HOT and RAIN and different forms of rock paper scissor... SUCCESS!
I am in love with these funky plastic stools that everyone sits on in the middle of the sidewalks

Andrew and I also had some more exciting eye opening experiences in the gym (chinese spin class, and weights), a chinese lesson after school where we tried to learn a famous poem in chinese, some more running adventures as we continue to find the little gems of Yongchuan (we saw men fishing in our "river", not sure what kind of fish they caught but not sure I want anything to do with them), and more flavored bean popsicles. We also found out that we both enjoy street BBQ (veggie style) and Leo, the man who owns the street BBQ that we like treated us to some sweet tomatoes and a weird rice soup thing...
The selection at street BBQ

Andrew waiting for BBQ at mini table

Today we went exploring on our bikes again. Last weekend we got turned around by the police after only the first switch back up Tea Mountain. So, we decided to try our route again in hopes of the road block not being there. SUCCESS. We rode up Tea Mountain to the gates (where you have to pay to enter the National Bamboo Park. We will head into the park for Andrew's birthday and hopefully ride the ridge, stay at a farm house(if we succeed with our chinese) and hike through Bamboo. For today we explored the road up the mountain, enjoyed the fresh cool air, the many tea fields, and funny road signs . Just so you know, I really LOVE the mountains. Here are some pictures of our adventure from today.
chinese stone and tea terraces high up on tea mountain

cool rock with chinese graffiti on a little off shoot peak on tea mountain

biking down tea mountain

Concrete bird on tea mountain
Gotta love CHINA
sign on the windy road down Tea Mountain
live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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