May 18, 2011

Tour De Indian Arm: Deep Cove May 15th

Really fast, relatively smooth race this year. Last year this was my first SUP race with only 4 other racers. This year there were around 8-10 racers on the SUP and tons of different lengths and types of SUPs out there. The sport is definitely catching on here at Deep Cove Canoe and Kayaks.

I was on the Starboard NEW, a 12'6'' x 23.5 board. It is fast but also very tippy. I was a little nervous to race on that board as I know how choppy it can get out on that particular course. On a nice sunny day there can be tons of boat traffic which causes funny and unexpected waves.  Luckily for me, the weather actually cooperated. The rainy/cloudy weather didn't invite too many boaters out on the water and limited the rise of the wind that usually occurs from the heat of the sun. These calm waters created a fast and smooth race with only occasional boat waves (some were quite steep and a little nerve racking but I managed well and stayed standing on my board).

Right form the beginning Kelvin, Mike, and Dale shot out in front and I was in the chase. I never looked back and didn't know how far behind the next person was but I didn't really care as my goal was to catch the other guys in front. There were times where I could feel myself slowly getting closer and the reality of catching them real but just as my excitement would peak the distance would then stretch once more. This was my entertainment the whole race as i wasn't close enough to anyone else to have a chat with nor really battle it out with someone. It kept my mind focused on teh right thing (moving forward)

came out in 4th and 1st female and teh first 12'6'' board over the line. There was a great bbq in the rain and some fun draw prizes... one of my fav winner prizes BEER! Results are here and I didn't get any pics... BOO...

heading to the island this weekend to explore campbell river and quadra island on mtn bikes and hopefully some SUPin...

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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