May 8, 2011

On the SUP at Lake Whatcom

Before Race Photo by: Katja
For this race I paddled a board from Deep Cove Canoe and Kayaks,  it was the Race(12'6'' x 26.5) board from Starboard. The Race is a really great board as it is fast on the flat but can handle the chop as well. I feel stable and in control when the wind picks up and feel smooth and quick when the water is crystal flat. I am still a fan of the 12'6'' boards but am up for trying out some more 14 foot boards as I love the longer races.

I got a ride up with good friend Gary and met up with Johnny, Ben, and Eric at Old Town Cafe in Bellingham. Awesome little breakfast place right in downtown Bellingham. The rain was just pissing down hard all morning so I was glad that we were heading to a paddling race over any other kind of sport that morning!

After the sign in and getting ready we were off. I was on the short course with some others 5 miles up and down the first section of the lake. It was choppy at the beginning  but as we headed away from the end of the lake it got flatter until we reached the turn around, the waves picked up a little and the board was getting louder with the thumps from the waves but I felt solid on the board. As we turned around the  markers and headed back I caught a few little rides but mostly kept working hard until the finish! Fun race and beautiful lake (even in the rain)

Following the awards we headed back into Bellingham to have lunch at one of my favorite spots Boundary Bay Pub and checkd out the local Saturday Market (lots of fun things to check out at the market from food to jewellery...). After  a stop at REI we were back home in Vancouver! Fun event even in the rain!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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