May 6, 2011

Comox Snow to Surf Relay: Fig Rolls Racing capture Gold

Fig Rolls did it again. We managed to pull off a gold chocolate medal and place 11th overall out of 176 teams.

The relay is a nine person team + much needed support driver.
The race consists of a downhill skier, nordic skier, 2 runners, mtn biker, kayaker, road biker and 2 canoeist in 2 canoe!

Andrew and I decided to race the canoe leg again this year as we had so much fun last year!
We were surprised to put the canoe on the water in 10th place... The current and wind were strong but waves minimal. We were hoping for a few more waves to put to use our canoe which was sturdier than other top teams in marathon canoes. Thank you Burnaby Lake for the lend of the canoe, it was fab. Last year we had people in marathon canoes tipping into the water all around us due to the waves but this year it was just an all out sprint with difficult steering due to the funny wind and current... Andrew did a stellar job steering the boat and I did as much as I could to keep the boat powering forward. We almost caught the boat in front of us but didn't and in the meantime a boat behind us managed to catch and motor right past us close to the end. Oh well, it was a fun finish nonetheless with our three boats sprinting into the marina all together. I've decided that I am really enjoying the canoe (probably stemming from my love of the SUP)

Lina and Andrew photo by: Paul Palfreyman

Paul put up some pictures on his blog HERE

During the week I have been busy working as a TOC and at Deep Cove Canoe and Kayaks, trail running, SUPing (on my Starboard), and mtn biking! All wonderful things.

A little promo: head to DEEP COVE MONDAY NIGHT for my SUPfitness classes. They are from 7-8pm. Tons of fun and a great work out!

We also figured out that we are heading to a small (china standards of small which is about 1 million people) village Yongchuan near Chongqing China with Maple Leaf Schools where I will be teaching some grade subjects and Andrew will be teaching ESL. We will truly get to experience chinese culture. We are both very excited about this opportunity and look forward to exploring, discovering, and enjoying a different part of the world.

Bring on the Adventures

Live, Love, Laugh,...DREAM!

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