Mar 3, 2011

Creative ways to have fun and keep our daily dose of Exercise despite harsh weather...

When the weather is being difficult most people would succum and stay inside, lay on the couch, and lounge but we at the Durrand Glacier School of HIgher Education have stayed motivated and active through creativity and youthful love for life!

1. We have been exploring with acroyoga moves and are getting pretty good considering our short amount of time practicing together. Watch out Cirque du Soleil

2. We have been improving our tricks off our local cliffs on snowshoes.... The three of us breaktrail up and over the knoll and practice on some smaller cliffs along the way. Once we hit the big ones we throw ourselves off with style and ease! Vids to come to show a snapshot of our raw talent for now a pic!

3. Some days we can't escape the snow shovelling.. but I decided I really like it for its meditative and repetitive nature... Its nice to be outside and not have to think just push, throw, and scope.

4. Of course our minds are constantly being opened and knowledge seeping in....

Life is good
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live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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