Mar 12, 2011

Another new week...

Every Saturday here it kind of feels like summer camp. Throughout the week you see guests build bonds or enemy lines:) among old and new friends. It is a beautiful thing chatting, listening, learning throughout the week and then Saturday morning comes along and the heli swoops away guests 5 at a time... sometimes there are sighs of relief, little high fives, or backroom bets on who is going to get the front seat and other times (most of the time), hugs, last minute email exchanges, tears (i have yet to witness these), but excitement on having met new people and making those connections. This week was stellar, the folks were kind, helpful, funny, and just plain ol nice. The guests even performed a week end skit last night for us describing the different events that happened throughout the week.

Charlotte, Florina, and I also performed our first official acro routine in front of the guests. We created a 4 minute three person routine to Walk of Life by the Dire Straits. We had about one week of practice learning different movements and one week of putting it together in a show we could perform.. We have a little space up in the school house beside the mini bouldering cave where we use the crashmats to break our falls and the carpet for a mental safety net... so this was our first time trying it all out on concrete with only yoga mats for protection... I am very proud to say we nailed the entire routine

School Field Trip:

school website here
We also had our first school field trip this week. The three of us joined in on the group heading to the other hut, The Moloch Hut. We left Sunday climbing up onto Eagle Peak and Mt Fang...and returned Monday late afternoon following a trip up to the top of Mt Graham. I was proud of the fitness of our little school. The three of us managed to stay in front of the line on the skin ups and enjoyed playing catch up if needed weaving through the guests to retain our spots back in the front where we enjoyed going a little bit faster. We skied some pretty steep and beautiful lines and I must say I only got scared once after I was told not to fall off the end... all I could think about was falling off the end.... haha... gotta love the way our minds work sometimes.

This week due to a lot of snow fall from Wednesday onwards, after a failed attempt for an afternoon ski with the school we succumbed to working on our snowcave.... it is going to be quite something with different hall ways and rooms. We created the snowcave from a massive snowbank along the deck and one of the pathways... I look forward to sharing more pictures in the future... I must say it is quite the work out digging out the trenches with our little avi shovels.... Along with snowcave expansion, we also worked our muscles shoveling off the debris from the roof.. Due to lots of snow and warm weather the build up snow on the roof quit bonding and came crashing down at sporatic moments throughout the week. Don't worry everyone was safe!

This will be our last week before we all head out for March Break: me to the Trophy Hut for a week of backcountry skiing throughout Wells Grey with Andrew and friends and the ladies to Whistler to visit with cousins etc.... 
keep smilin'

live, love, laugh,....DREAM!


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