Feb 27, 2011

skis, bikes, trails, and more skis

life is pretty great these days. 

I love my husband
I love my job, I get to inspire, motivate and teach two fabulous ladies!
I love the mountains and get to live in the heart of the selkirk mountains for the winter
I love my family and got to visit with my dad during a trip he organized to Vail, CO
I love exercising and exploring the outdoors.... during my 24 hour break in Vancouver I went on two trail runs and a mtn bike ride... I got to ski for 3 days in Vail and well I live in the mecca of the outdoors for the winter. 
I love food...and I get cooked delicious meals everyday
I love meeting new people... I get to meet up to 16 new people from around the world every week

okay I will stop now!

I am still organizing my spring/summer as to races, trips, expedition... will keep you posted..until then happy living!

live, love, laugh,,...DREAM!

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