May 19, 2010

A weekend of Firsts

Life is getting busy again,... but I love it.

This past weekend was full of firsts...

Good friends SJ and Tom invited Andrew and I to a bike tour to Bowen Island (first) for Norwegian dinner (first with a glitch), to meet Tom's grandpa Jan (first), to hike up Mt Gardiner (first), and finally I enjoyed my first SUP race (first).

We met SJ and Tom in Horseshoe Bay Friday evening and headed over to the Legion on Bowen in hopes of enjoying a Norwegian dinner created by Tom's grandpa, Jan. His dinner was so delicious and popular that by the time we arrived it was all gone... no worries, we had done a little grocery shopping and enjoyed pretzels, carrots and other munchies and some drinks. We managed to close down the bar (I won't tell you what time that was) and enjoyed some time with Jan before we hit the sack Friday night.

Jan is an amazing 97 year old man who is more social than I could ever be! We woke up in time to eat and be out of the house before his first of two social hostings were to occur at 9am. We decided to explore Mt Gardiner, despite some minor glitches in finding the path we managed to summit in good time, had a delicious second breakfast/brunch, and hung out in the sun. We took a different route home and made it in time for tea and relaxation with Jan before we had to brave the hill to get us back across Bowen and catch the 3pm ferry.

Sunday I decided to try the Tour de Indian Arm on a Stand Up Paddle Board. It was a 10km route with wind, boat wash and other exciting moments... I had no idea about anything so just gave it my best shot.... there were about 5 other guys who were definitely of the more experienced nature but I managed to hold my own and make it in about 1 hr 40 min and not too far behind 2nd and 3rd place... there will definitely be more of those sorts of races in my future... I can feel it!

Okay back to the books for me

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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