May 30, 2010

Nimby Fifty and more...

Fun weekend in the Sea to Sky area. We were off to Pemberton for the Nimby Fifty mountainbike race.
It started off with bbq and good times with friends in Whistler. I really do miss that place.

Andrew and I woke up Saturday morning to rain. We were both registered to race in the Nimby Fifty mtn Bike race in Pemberton. It was to be a 35km course (that felt like 50km) on some new trails in Pemberton. I was looking forward to the ride. Thanks to Chantelle we got to sleep in a warm house and sleep in a little as we didn't have to be in Pemberton until quarter to 10. After a nice breakfast of oatmeal, nuts, dried fruit and of course choc chips we headed to the Aplpine Cafe for some coffee to make sure our bodies would be stimulated and ready to work hard.

We arrived with plenty of time and rain! After registering and getting ourselves organized Andrew noticed that his rear shock had blown?!?!? What? He is a bike mechanic and of course made sure my bike was sparkling and in good order and was sure his was in good form for the race as well...

Andrew being the amazing guy that he is didn't think twice, met the race organizer and volunteered to sweep the course on foot. Awesome. I think he had a grand ol time and the race organizers kindly gave him an entry for next year and he will be there..... more on his story here

Anyways on to my story...
I was up for a good time and my goal was to enjoy the race and do my best. I have steadily seen improvements in my riding and am getting pretty stoked on the whole downhill part of mtn biking...hehe..

I started off mid rear as to not feel too much pressure in front and behind me. As we rolled through the first loop of the course, I managed to find a pretty good spot as we headed into the 101 switchback climb... not too many people to pass and not too many people that needed to pass me. I felt pretty good on the climb, just taken it easy in the good ol granny gear. As we crested the top, there was some quick fireroad descending and onto some steep fairly technical trails. I was happy with my riding here although I was a little slowler than others I was riding most of the trails. I did manage to go over my bars off a mini cliff...oops! After this there was lots of climbing and descending, hike a bikin' and some more single track rock slabs and technical riding... I never really bonked but did manage to loose a little of my mojo for some reason. I slacked off and lost my speed. No real reason that I can think of... hmm.. oh well, I managed to come through the line muddy, tired, and happy! There is some good ridin out there. Also there was a strong STEED team representation! Way to go STEED cycles! It was comforting to be part of such a strong and wonderful team covered in green and white!

Following the race and when Andrew finally arrived, we enjoyed burgers, music, and drinks! Tom, Ned, Holly, Megan, Andrew and I managed to close down the party. We were the last ones up enjoying the beautiful countryside of pemberton. The rain had stopped, the bonfire was roaring and the chatter and laughter with good friends created a most perfect evening. We managed to be the only ones that decided to stay and camp in the nearby forest.

The following morning, we were moving a little slower but all headed to the Whistler Bike Park! Thanks to the Bike Co for the bike rental!

Lovin' Pemberton

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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