May 3, 2010

Salt Spring Guide exchange...via bikes

Andrew joined me for a fun weekend hangin out with kayak gurus... We decided to bike over in order to save on some ferry costs and increase the adventure aspect of the weekend.

The guide exchange is run by the SKGABC and occurs twice a year.

This one was hosted by Island Escapades on Salt Spring Island.

Andrew and I headed out Friday afternoon and managed to catch all the right ferries and make it over to Ganges for dinner. They cooked up some tasty curry and angel cake. We watched a slideshow of kayaking from Salt Spring to Alaska which got the adventure twitch roaring.... (it doesn't take much for me)... On Saturday we headed to the Samsun Narrows and practiced bracing, ferrying, current rescues and enjoyed a lovely day on the water.

Andrew and I headed to the Tree House Cafe (we love this place) for a delicious meal and live music. We finished off the day back at the Lions Club enjoying some live music from a local band called Synergy!

Sunday it was time to get a little more serious with our CPR recertification (not that serious though) and our adventure back home.

It's neat to see how certain communities migrate. On the ferry home we met and chatted with a bunch of "bike tourers"... the world is small.... love it!

We also decided to change our honeymoon plans on the ferry and created one heck of a local adventure. We will celebrate in the UK come Christmas time as we decided to explore some of the amazing local adventures to be had right from our front door. We are combining some of my favorite things into one big adventure.... bike touring, hiking/trail running/canoeing and camping... more to come on that one...

for now.... i gotta keep staying fit so off to Crossfit I go.

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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