Jan 31, 2010

the YETI Snowshoe running race....

It's been awhile since I had done a snowshoe running race with being in South America last winter. Andrew and I headed to the island so I could race the Yeti. We also brought a bunch gear so we could get some nordic skiing in, mountain biking and a visit with good friends Marc and Nikki.

I teamed up with a stellar team for the race Team Arrowsmith, Steed, Frontrunners. We managed to score a top 1, 2, 3 placing on the women's side and top 6 for the men. We won the team competition award.

I was a little nervous going in as it had been awhile since I raced, let alone put on some snowshoes. Andrew, being the amazing partner that he is kept me positive and was a wonderful support crew for me. I couldn't have done it without him. The course started with a rude climb and I was a little ahead of myself as I felt knackered within the first 10 minutes of what was to be 1hr 10min race... I managed to pull my lungs and legs together throughout the only flat section of the race. The first loop was a little annoying at times with so many racers piling up throughout the single track section but did give me a some good breathers to recover while in the single track train. As per usual I felt better as the race moved forward but the climbs still hurt. Kristen managed to sneak pass me on a hill climb on the second loop and I just couldn't seem to quite catch her for the rest of the race. Whenever I felt like I was close she just managed to re create the gap. Having someone to chase definitely made me focus on something other than the raging pain in my lungs..haha... snoeshow running is tough stuff..especially 10km of it.

I managed to score a podium place 3rd place overall female, not too shabby for my first race back. Marc and team put on a great race! Thanks!

Andrew, NIkki, Marc and I got out for some skate skiing in the afternoon...it was wonderful.

SUnday I had to see Andrew, Nikki and MArc off on their mtn bikes. I stayed back to do some much needed lesson planning. I had my fun for the weekend.

Andrew took some nice pics while I was out on the course!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!


Jas said...

Congratulations Lina! Maybe I'll try this Yeti race next year - It sounds like a great event!

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

I was in the P.R Lululemon and saw a frickin huge poster of you doing a side bridge on a slack-line. You crazy girl. Where do I sign up!?

I did that snowshoe race 2 years ago I think and it rocked me...super tough...that first hill is killer.

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