Jan 4, 2010


Well, 2009 was a pretty adventurous, chaotic, eventful, and beautiful year and I do not expect 2010 to be any less of any of those.

I suppose I am starting to think about some big events for 2010... any ideas are welcome as I brain storm and put together a plan... I believe there will be a little racing, some touring, more traveling, a really big fun party and many many adventures.

For now, I know I have to finish my teaching program at SFU, I want to kayak guide, I want to backcountry ski ALOT, run, mountain bike, nordic ski, snowshoe run, kayak ALOT.... and infect people with my motivational poison...haha...

If our new year plans prove to be a glimpse at what is to come than I better grab my seat belt and hold on as it's gonna be a fun ride! woohoo! The way I like it really,...

We skied in the Duffy...twice...with a little adventure on the first day and a lot of pow on the second....

New Years Skiing.... with turns and without! The Duffy, always good times.

Andrew's pictures here
PAUL's Pictures here!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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