Jan 17, 2010

Short Pain for Long Gains....

It runs true for many aspects in life and right now I am living it with school.....

I love my weekends for training, racing, playing and generally being outdoors with good friends. This weekend was my first of I believe several (until I finish my practicum of school work) of minimal outdoor adventures. On Saturday it was hard to see Andrew go off early morning with all of his backcountry ski gear knowing that I will be sitting in front of my computer working hard.... I managed a 1.5 hour run on the trans canada trail in the sunshine and worked for about 9 hours on my lessons... I was productive, mostly because I wasn't going to screw around with my work as I would have rather be out playing.... Sacrifices are hard sometimes and for me they seem hardest when it means no time for outdoor adventures...

Andrew being the fabulous partner that he is, organized a sea kayak at Deep Cove this morning with good friends Ben and Johnny... It was so nice to be back in the boat.. I have been missing our night paddles a lot... The clouds were low within the forest and the ocean calm....Indian Arm is mind boggling beautiful... It's been back at the book ever since...

It's tough sometimes but I know the payoff will be huge and really its a great thing teaching... I truly think I will love being a teacher..... YAY!

go play outside!

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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