Sep 8, 2009

Seven Summits: Rossland BC

So I've wanted to go ride the Seven Summits trail for some time now... thanks to Andrew and his stellar driving, sense of adventure and general awesomeness it happened this past weekend. We decided to do it Andrew and Lina style.... not the easy way, nor the traditional long weekend way....

We managed to sneak out Friday afternoon to make the 8 hour drive in mostly daylight. We arrived at the Nancy Greene Provincial Campsite (right off the highway) at about 9pm. Enough time to set up tent, drink some tea and rest our eyes and heads.

Saturday proved to be a killer day. The clouds were high and were constantly shifting to give us some sunlight when we needed it but otherwise the weather kept things a pleasant temperature as we hiked and biked through alpine, forest, dirt and rocks. We moved camp to Rossland at the Lions campground in the morning and set out adventure racing style from there (no shuttle). We obviously made it a little adventurous by heading up a different way than most. We pushed, biked, walked etc up a steep, technical trail that involved more hike a bike than actual biking but hey, it's all part of the experience. We eventually found the trail that we wanted. SEVEN SUMMITS. I loved it and my biking proved it. I gave it on the trail. I hit technical maneuvres that put a smile on Andrew's face. I think I was glowing that entire 24hrs during and after the ride. Not only was I glowing from the stellar riding and trails and views but someone got down on his knee with a special something in his hand and asked me something special... pretty spectacular event on Record Ridge. Whoa. The last downhill after the seven summits trail was loads of fun and totally worth the longer ride up the road to camp. Steep, long, fast and I rode it all... I am stoked for myself (just so you know).

Sunday morning we slept and woke amongst lots and lots of rain. The raindrops fell hard so we decided to start making our way back to Vancouver after some yummy egg benedicts at the Sunshine Cafe. We had some fun on the way home though. We spotted some sun rays popping out of the clouds as we drove past Christina Lake, naturally we stopped for some quick laps in the lake and a mini aquafit session. The rain came and went for the rest of the ride until we decided to check out some trails in Manning Park. We changed into our run gear and went for a fab run around lightning, flash and strike lakes. Had a picnic by the lake and felt refreshed for the rest of the drive home.

Well, it's my last week of "freedom" before I head to SFU to learn how to inspire the young while teaching them about biology and getting them psyched on fitness and PE. They won't know what hit them..haha....

This weekend it is crossfit level 1 training certification at the Vancouver Crossfit gym and next weekend its Frosty 50km trail run in Manning Park. Busy as ever...

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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Jo said...

Aww, congratulations! On the technical riding as much as the engagement, obviously ;-)

I only know you both through your blogs, but you seem like great people, with common passions: basically made for each other.

Will the wedding take place during an adventure race in the wilderness?!