Sep 2, 2009

Family Fun in Ontario

I hadn't seen my family for over a year... too long.

It was such a pleasure to get picked up at the airport by both of my sisters and my nephew. We headed straight for my most favorite place in the world..."the kaimas" yup you got it, it is by far the place I absolutely love the most. I love "the kaimas" (our cottage). When I was at Queen's working on my undergrad my family and I discovered the most brilliant little Vietnamese restaurant -Mekong. It's cheap, its healthy and its damn good. We stopped in Kingston and at Mekong for dinner. Number 28A never fails me.

The kaimas, is truly a wonderland. A very very old farm house with many barns and 10 acres of goodness situated on Crow Lake. We swam across the lake, we played ping pong, we had campfires, we fished, we rowed, canoed, we slacklined, ran, biked...hmmm.... the list goes on really. We had perfect days of sunshine. Andrew fished for the first time and caught some sunfish and rock bass.... oh yeah. After swimming across the lake we got to the cliffs and did some cliff jumping... they are higher than I remember. It is amazing how our fear grows as we get older (we know what pain feels like and we don't like it).

After some amazing days at the cottage it was time to experience downtown Toronto with Rasa and Mike. Rasa showed us around her neighbourhood on a run (which by the way is a great way to see a city). We went out for drinks and then the next day had a private bike tour of the lakeshore and downtown with Rasa. I totally recommend running and or biking in any new town: People talk to you, you can stop and look around, you can get to places cars just can't and you truly can experience a locals point of view. It's fab-plain and simple.

Then it was babysitting time at Asta's place in Port Credit. What a cute little place right on Lake Ontario. We had fun with Kiefer, I particualrly enjoyed playing with his trucks and toys. I also accompanied Asta while she biked with kiefer I got to run beside them. Good little work out: as we stopped at each playground I managed to squeeze in some pull ups and leg lifts... oh yeah. (i miss Crossfit).

Asta, Dereck, Andrew and I decided an adventure was necessary so: as Lithuanian Baseball Weekend was happening in Wasaga Beach, we decided to go check it out. It was one blast of an adventure, in short: we house jumped, we sang, we slept illegally in a crooked tent on the beach, had a staple greasy breakfast and managed to watch a little baseball....

A visit to Mociute's (grandma's). Here, Andrew met the last of the Augaitis family. We enjoyed delicious food, crochet lessons and a run around Western University.

It was good healthy family fun!

Now, what do I have to look forward to?: Frosty 50km trail run and Teacher School at SFU

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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