Jan 29, 2009

Two Weeks with my dad

Inca Trail, Lake Titicaca, Arequipa, Puno, Colca Canyons, training, talking, learning, growing, relationships... the list goes on.

It was two weeks jam packed with adventure, stories, sights, museums, churches, canyonns, altitude, sickness, and culture.

My dad joined mein Peru for two weeks and we did the typical tourist circuit consisting of Lima, Cusco, Inca Trail, Sacred Valley, Train to Puno, Lake Titicaca, Arequipa, Colca Canyon and back to Lima.

It was the first time my dad experienced South America, got re-introduced to camping, and introduced to long treaks, altitude, and a different culture.

He battled through the Inca trail while I whistled my way up and down... It was such a cool experience to be on the other end of things... teaching my dad whilst he has been my teacher for so many years... How the tables have turned... hahaha. He showed great courage and the will to dig deep and nopt give up despite sickness, sore muscles and difficulty breathing... He was a star in his own life and I loved watching every moment.. I am so proud of him.

The train ride from Cusco to Puno was gorgeous and fun. It was good times pretending I was part of the wealthy class... little do they all know....

Puno was one of my favorite cities situated right on Lake Titicaca. My dad and I did a 2 day tour and slept on one of the islands and got to see two others as well. The cultures are very different and they rely heavily on us (rich) tourists...

Arequipa is huge. The size of the city shocked me at first. The plaza des Armes is gorgeous though. We did a 2 day tour up in the Colca Canyons although this time we took the lazy man route as my dad was tired and I wanted to hang with my dad. I did manage to get out on some spectacular runs though.

Our last day in Lima was grand. We managed to see all the main sites and enjoy drinks and appies right on the ocean...

All in all I recommend everyone to do a trip with their parents you learn a lot about yourself, them and its so nice to also beable to share and teach each other.

I am now off to the races... literally

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live, love, laugh,...DREAM!


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