Jan 6, 2009

De La Selba a Las Montañas

Well in less than 24 hours I found myself leving the hot sunny amazon life and into the cool rainy mountains. Good friend Pedro and I rode the bus from Lima to Huaraz. Huaraz is a quaint little mountain town in the hert of the Cordillera Blanca. These mountains are amazing... snowcapped and a huge landscape for the city.

After a night in Huaraz and our standard fruit jus and bread with cheese in the mornings we headed off to the Wilkawain Ruins and then off to Caraz where Pedro has an old home. After 5 or 6 hours of biking with headvy packs we made it to Caraz. Wow, another cute little mountain town but this one in the valley and about 1000 metres lower than Huaraz. Here we stayed in Pedros old home that he grew up in but the catch was... noone had lived or been there for over 3 years.... It felt like it was straight out of an old horror flic.... But I can´t of digged the whole idea of it all... I really loved caraz. The following day we did a 4 hour loop from Cuaraz back to Yungay. The landscape was just amazing and I felt my heart grow even fonder of the mountains. I am in the mountains for a week training on the mountain bike. I have entered the Trans Andes Challenge in Patagonia in February and figured this would be a great opportunity to train and see another part of Peru.

Unfortunately after our first long ride from Huaraz to Caraz Pedro hurt his back and it just kept getting worse. He could no longer bike and therfore decided to head back to Lima. So instead of riding today we made our way back to Huaraz where I founda hostal and Pedro jumped on a bus. I will miss him lots as he is just a fabulous person to be around. I hope a quick recovery for him.

I had a little of an epic with my bike (lost a part and then my break pads got stuck together...) but managed to figure it all out. I didn´t manage to get a bike in as after figuring everything out the rain came pouring down. We have been lucky so far with three days of sunshine during the rainy season.

I am learning lots, improving my spanish, meeting some incredible people and enjoying observing how the locals live. I am also trying to work on some personal characteristic improvements or changes..actually developments is the correct word... SO all in all this trip and all my mini trips have been times of learning, lessons and growing and I feel so blessed everyday to beable to experience these experiences.

I have realized the mountains are my sanctuary. They are where I feel most at home and truly content. I enjoy the tranquility, the cool air, the scenary, the lifestyle, the blue lakes, the peacefulness and the plentifullness of activities to be had... I love the mountains!I have 4 more days in the mountains, 4 more days of hard biking and then I have the pleasure of meeting my dad in Lima for yet another adventure.

Live, Love, Laugh,...DREAM!



Amy said...

"I have realized the mountains are my sanctuary. They are where I feel most at home and truly content."

I say this to myself, sometimes out loud ... at least once a week! I have yet to find any other place that even comes close.

Enjoy reading your blog! ALS

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