Jan 8, 2009

Mountain Biking in Huaraz

The last two days I have been mountain biking with Julio Olaza (he is the pioneer of mountain biking in the area). The first day we did a loop up in the Cordillera Blanca. It had some awesome ups and downs, single track and off road madness and the views just stunning.

Today we did a tour of the Cordillera Negra. The ride began with a 2 hour massive climb. We climbed from 3000 meters to 4000 meters with no rest. The climb had zero descents or flat sections. It was tough and amazing at the same time. We met two girls from Canada up at the top and then began our descent through single track, grass, rocks, villages, etc etc... It was an absolutely wonderful ride.

I look forward to the next two days of riding.

Live, Love, Laugh,...DREAM!


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DARTvg said...

What beautiful mountains!!! Keep biking hard and posting good pics ;-)