Apr 20, 2018

Off to the Races...

Aiste and I made it to Carolina Cup... it was a long day of travel. 3 flights, 5 am departure, 1 am arrival... she nailed the whole thing, either sleeping or smiling the whole way.. I on the other hand could have used a shorter travel day..haha I am definitely getting old... I used to live off the adventure of it and I still do but there is less desire for discomfort hahaha.

We have been blessed with 2 amazing traveling babies... Tav was a great traveler as an infant and now Aiste seems to be following suit quite nicely, I reckon an even bigger charmer than Tav was which would have been hard to beat...

I am stoked to be here. the community, the vibe, the excitement... Kelly and team Sunova are taking good care of me and AIste and I can't wait to paddle the new All water tomorrow... Hopefully with a little luck Aiste can hang with someone so I can try it out today... :)

This year its about enjoying the ride and going with the flow. I used to be very type A, very particular with my needs but travelling on my own with Aiste and racing I can't.. I have to be flexible, it has to be about fun and if I can manage a good result then its a bonus...:) The coolest thing is I have already won, I get to cross the line and come home to my amazing family:) woohoo!

Thanks to all who are helping me to keep paddling and getting to these races. Mamas, I won't lie it ain't easy BUT always worth it... and if your lucky enough to have a strong community behind you, you can do it too:)

You can check out the race on Saturday starting at 10am East coast time...@SUPRacer The Paddle League its a long one.... I am just stoked to be on the start line again:) Thanks Kris Howson for looking after my girl during the race... Could not be doing this without my community... at home (husband and amazing helpful friends) and the SUP community Sunova Surfboards Vaikobi Canada Werner Paddles Black Project SUP KAVU Nikki Rekman Sales Paul Torriero Kalavida Surf Shop OnIt.Pro Paddle Monster and many more folks.... the list is really never ending:)

 live, love, laugh,...DREAM!


TroyH said...

Great work today Lina. Pretty darn good result for hopping back into the game after time away to start a family. #winningparent

jesi k said...

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