Aug 26, 2016

Champion of the Crescent: A family trip to the city (overdue blog post)

start sandwhich betwen Danny and Jarko

You know your life has changed when your trip to the city includes stops at IKEA and other house and baby needs:) When you meet your friends at the park at 430pm to have dinner and all leave by 730pm to make sure kids are in bed and you have time to rest:) Or you go to the shore to hike as a family instead of a 5 hour mountain bike epic:)

I am NOT complaining. Infact I kind of love it.... I have been able to do so much of the crazy outdoor adventure stuff throughout my life that I welcome the change. I LOVE being a mom and I LOVE our little family. and I LOVE going on hikes all together, or canoeing, or to IKEA... hahha..

We were in Vancouver so I could race in the Champion of the Crescent SUP race out at Crescent Beach in Surrey. I was still recovering from the Yukon, the travels, Tofino races, clinics, traveling but really wanted to be at this event, and I am sure glad I made it out.

It was like a SUP Pacific NorthWest reunion of sorts. There were a ton of the top PNW paddlers out and it was great to see everyone again. I wish we arrived sooner and could stay longer so I could have reconnected with everybody...

The race was set up as a fundraiser for youth suffering with mental health. They pulled off a great event and were able to incorporate a 10km race, 5 km race, kids race, and corporate team relays.

I was super nervous for this event.... I just was totally drained from travels, racing, being a new mom, working, etc... so was not sure what my body and or mind could do for this race. It was short as comparison to something like the Yukon which almost makes it harder as one has to push that much harder still for a good amount of time.

I had nothing to prove but still wanted to win:) haha the competitive side of me is NOT gone after being a mother its just that no matter what happens I have Andrew and Tav to come home to which is always the best prize there can be:)

I managed to have a good race and won the event with a solid lead which felt good both physically and mentally. I was on the SIC 12'6 X Prolite with my Werner Grand Prix paddle. Unfortunately, we had to leave right away as I needed to be in vernon teaching Monday at 9am and with a 6.5 month old driving times and just plain ol road trips take longer.. I am not one to miss award ceremonies but we had to hit the road so we took the necessary pictures and off we went back to Vernon.

all in all it was a fab little trip of accomplishing errands, meeting up with old friends, and winning a race to to it all off:)

champions of the crescent:)

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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