Jul 20, 2016

It Takes A Village....From the Yukon to the West Coast

Picture by Tofino Paddle Surf
Picture by Tofino Paddle Surf
We just returned from a pretty epic weekend in Tofino. It was a matter of fate and not turning down open doors that got Tav and I to enjoy the beams of sunshine, waves, and the peacefulness out on the west coast. After a tree jumped in Andrew's way on the trails in whitehorse, Andrew has been out of commission as he suffered some torn muscles in his rotator cuff:( He needed a break from drving and camping to rest, heal and do some physio. This left myself and Tav in an interesting position.... For me, I was left in a state of indecisions.... I was feeling very over run post Yukon River Quest and traveling for 6000km in a car, so figured maybe it was a sign to take a break and cancel the tofino trip but I had a few clinics planned and really didn't want to cancel them..... SO, I was in scramble mode but in the end I felt like it was all too complicated and I should stay at home...Just as I started to feel okay with my decision the world opened its doors and clearly showed me I should be in Tofino. A viable and fun opportunity arose at the last minute thanks to Issy and Jeff from Penticton and the next thing I knew Issy, Jeff, Tav, and I were on our way to Tofino.

The SUP communities around the world and in Canada are supportive welcoming and down right amazing. It is a huge reason why this sport continues to grow and flourish and stands out form the rest (above and beyond just being a great sport in itself)

This past weekend the SUP community once again blew my mind. From the amazing support we encountered in Whitehorse (to name a few Kalin at UpNorth Adventures, Colleen Segriff, etc) to how the community here in the Okanagan and on the island provided selfless help for Tav and I throughout the Tofino weekend. I could not have camped with a 6.5 month old, raced, taught without these amazing people.
Picture by Tofino Paddle Surf

On Friday I got to run two Surf Race clinics. I wanted to offer these clinics for those new to surf racing and get people a little more comfortable in this style of racing. We worked on beach starts, pivot turns, surfing our race boards and some surf race strategies. I was stoked with the groups improvements and the waves and weather were perfect for learning. Tofino delivered. Thanks to South Island SUP and Tofino Paddle Surf for organizing the clinics... They were a total success!

The races were a 3 in 1 package. Everyone won. There were points to be had for the Vancouver Island Six Pack Race Series, points for the BC SUP CUP series as well as it was our first Canadian Surfing Association sanctioned Canadian National Championships.
Picture by Tofino Paddle Surf
Saturday was surf race day. We had about 50 people participate. The waves were just big enough to provide the right kind of challenges yet provide smiles on peoples faces while coming off the water and running past the finish line. The buoy course provided 4km of fun:) I managed to pull off a win but really some of my fav moments were helping with announcements and watching everyone put themselves in a new environment and succeed!
Picture by Tofino Paddle Surf

Sunday was a 6km or 12km coastal distance paddle. This was a great course. I like distance races that offer variety and scenery. Throughout the course we encountered flatwater, ocean swell, and a pretty good mix of ocean swell/reverb off the rocks/current etc. The course also offered epic scenery the entire way, along the coast and throughout the rock islands..... I loved it. It again provided just the right amount of challenge to push those new to ocean racing, entertain those of us that have experience yet allow feelings of success for all:) I also managed to win which gave me the overall title of Canadian Champ but again not the highlight of my weekend... Many of the highlights were the clinics, the people, the camping, the stories, oh did I mention the people?
Picture by Issy venables. Jeff taking care of Tav

Picture by Tofino Paddle Surf
Picture by Tofino Paddle Surf

Thank you once again to Tofino Paddle Surf, South Island SUP, Coastline Shop, Issy and Jeff, and all the paddlers out there for making this an unforgettable and manageable weekend... You are all MY inspiration and motivation.

Picture by Jason B and Carmen M

Picture by Tofino Paddle Surf

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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