Jun 3, 2014

Time to move again!.. but this time with my man... It's an Okanagan life for a week

I have had an absolute blast in Vancouver and surrounding areas. I have visited with friends, mountain biked  A LOT, got an article in the paper, will be on Breakfast Television on Tuesday June 3rd at 7:40am, have completed some necessary chores before I take off again. AND of course have been out on the water... I got to participate in my favorite summer paddling activity: the Tuesday Night Races in Deep Cove. I even got to teach SUP to my old OE class at Mulgrave which was pretty rad!

Now, it's time for an adventure in the Okanagan. I will be hanging, teaching, and adventuring with the awesome folks at Kalavida Surf Shop until Wednesday... I can't wait to check out the community and get to know them better. I am gitty with excitement.

Happening! AMAZING stuff going on here in Vernon at Kalavida Surf Shop!

On Thursday I am going to get to head to Kelowna Paddle Centre and teach and paddle with them. This is a new place for me so I can't wit to check out their programs and facilities and meet the folks in that area!

I then get to come home and teach a Women's Clinic with Stand Up Paddle Vancouver right here in Vancouver on June 7th! Woohoo!

I feel too lucky to get to spread the love and knowledge I have surrounding SUP, training, and life!

I am home for a few days before I take off with a group of amazing athletes to support and promote Canada's Men Health Foundation. We will be paddling from Vancouver to Victoria over three days.... ADVENTURE!!!!!

and then I can not wait to make it to Germany and Lost Mills.... A race I have been dying to check out for the last couple of years! Happening!

Breakfast Television Just Happened too. Check out my athlete of the week interview:


live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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