Jun 27, 2014

Lost Mills International SUP Race: Germany

warm up on lake garda photo by Cristian Dessi

angie and lina photo by race organization

finish lost mills photo by race organization

SUP the Mag:

 The Lost Mills International SUP Race:

It was my first time in Germany, and I got to see a small town in the Bavarian part of Germany. It is always so nice to have amazing people help you out by picking you up at the airport, organizing the hotel, etc etc.. Helgo Lass and Cristian Dessi took care of team SIC too well. It was such a pleasure to spend time with them... it took a lot of the added stress of racing in a foreign country away... SO THANK YOU!

Our first evening in Bavaria Germany Helgo found a beer garden with live bavarian band, real Bavarian beer, and some ral BavarianI ate my first N├╝rnberger Rostbratwurstl:  Three roasted pork sausages with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes and"Weissbier" beer.

On Friday we had the fastest paddler on earth sprint races. It was 200m, straight line, straight shot, lasers for the start and finish. Pretty cool really. The first round we raced in partners but it really was only the time that mattered. It was nice to race with a partner for the first round. I find you have the pressure to go faster when someone is racing beside you. I decided to paddle the entire way on one side, which surprisingly worked out for me. I didn't veer off in the wrong direction and my arms held out for the whole race. I had a great first paddle, finishing in 1st place. My second round was slightly slower but luckily noone beat my first round of 59.90. I was also the only female who was able to make it under 1min. I definitely surprised myself by winning this event!!! I gained a sweet title of FASTEST (female) PADDLER ON EARTH!

Saturday was the long distance and the main event of the race weekend: The Lost Mills Race. We paddle across two lakes and past many different old mills. There are two runs (the same run but in reverse) through sand, grass, pavement with a little up and downhill... you have to run with your board as well. This run gets you from one lake to the other... pretty unique for SUP racing to have to run with your board... and added element of unknown to this flat water distance race.

Before the skipper meeting, I did my pre race application of Onit Pro, stretches and on water warm up. The women started 3 min behind the men to avoid too much passing and therefore accidental drafting. I had a great start and worked hard through to the first run. I had a solid run and back into the big lake. Paddling ight after a run is pretty tough, as your heartbeat rises and trying to bring it down and breath noral again takes a little bit of practice and lots of mental power. I was paddling close with Angie from Australia and teammate Sonni from Germany. On the big lake, we had a small downwind section followed by a small upwind... Going into the second run. Angie and I traded drafting out front in order to try and maintain the lead we were making. I had a solid second run, feeling quite good and then just paddled my heart out to the other side of the lake and cross the line in first. Angie and Sonni are amazing female paddlers as well so it was not easy at all. The new SIC XPROLite boards are killer.... watch out for these new boards and try them out when you get a chance you will not be disappointed. I was also paddling with my Werner Small Grand Prix which is a stella, comfy, fast paddle.

It was so great to spend time with Christian, Helgo, Georges,and Sonni. The SIC family is just that a, a pretty amazing FAMILY!!!! I really like each individual as they each bring something unique and just brilliant to  the team.  Congrats to Sonni and Laura on the women's side. George was part of the group of men who went a slightly longer route and therefore had some hard luck finishing up the race... next time.... :)

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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