Apr 8, 2014

California Dreamin'.... Livin' the dream!!!

SIC X12'6 PRO Lite and me wearing my Season Five with Werner Paddle... getting ready to get on the water
Here I am in sunny California. I feel so lucky to be able to be here to train, learn, race, meet new ppl, have loads of killer fun!!!!!

California Coastal Relay
Last weekend Braly Joy and I participated in the California Coastal Relay Race. What a cool concept... relay along the coast and use our cars to transport each other along the course. Everyone was in good spirits and the vibe was just full of stoke and good times. You could feel the comraderie among the spectators and racers. We raced on a SIC X14 PRO. It was the right choice for the conditions we had on Saturday. The conditions ended up being a mix of everything from flatwater to head wind to side chop, tail wind, and some good 'ol churned up crazy water... We used an SIC 9.9 inflatable to get us out to the on water exchange points. This was also a great choice as we didn't have to worry about banging it around with the other boards and could chuck it in the truck quickly to get a move on to the next exchange point. We finished in 4th overall and 1st in our category! woohoo! The after party was held a Henesseeys in Dana Point! I used Vitargo before and between the exhchanges as well as Nuun. I felt great throughout the race! My Werner Grand Prix paddle also proved to be quick and comfortable.

 before the race start photo Onit Pro

Exchange during race photo Mike Muir

me stoked in my Season Five tank photo OnIt Pro
Awards: 1st place! photo Mike Muir

Last week I also got the fine pleasure to meet Ryan from Foundation. He is currently Braly's trainer and I am getting to jump into his magic while here in California. I love love love the concept of his gym. Adults get to play while working hard, and getting fit. Ryan has put us through some awesome interval circuits with movements that will aid us in our SUP goals.

I have decided that I am going to spend the end of every SUP work out with some pivot turn training. Lucky me SIC is hanging out with Mike Eisert who has a killer set up for interval training... beach runs, pivot turns, sprints all included!

actually from florida but it is a pivot turn!
I feel lucky that I am learning lots of great new skills that are fine tuning my body and mind. Sarah Joy is a pilates and yoga instructor and she is great. She has taught me some valuable mind and physical skills by taking me through a pilates workout. We also hit up some hot yoga which has been great for the body. I love the crosstraining I am getting with both pilates and yoga. The body needs to learn to move in different ways.
Pilates work out with Sarah Joy
Gonna hit up some SUP surfing today! woohoo! Thanks for the surf Jaecey!

San O with Jaecey!
The weather has been splendid so am looking forward to the rest of the week of training here in SoCal.

Back home
Vancouver news: Vancouverites killed it at the Gig Harbour race last weekend. Way to go boys... looking forward to some battles (if I can keep up ) when I return!

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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