Mar 19, 2014

A note on training, family, and friends: Adventures from Warm Water to Cold Water

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A big thanks to SIC Maui, Werner, Nikki Rekman Sales, Ryders Eyewear, OnIt Pro, Surffur,  Ultimate Potential, Feed The Machine, Pro-Lite, Larry Allison Fins, and Crossfit Vancouver helping me make it happen!

Following Mexico, as I was riding a little high from my win, from surfing, from spending time with my amazing SIC team and the excitement of seeing my family and Andrew in Florida.
So my family has been vacationing in Florida for the last 19 years. This was the 5th time I have been able to join them. It was a special one as we had 4 generations of Augaitis present and it was my first time meeting my new nephew Lukas. I loved spending time with my niece and nephews, my sisters, my dad, my grandma, and Andrew! We ate ice cream, saw dolphins, built sand castles, swam, went for walks, and had all sorts of general silliness going on.

selfie on the beach  bombed by ASta and Kief 

Andrew and I photo: Asta

The weather was interesting down there with sunny days, colder nights, some rain, and lots of wind for a couple of days. Lucky SUP paddlers tend to like wind:) I took full advantage of the wind. I hooked up with Bailey Rosen from Florida where we scored a fun downwind session as well as an in and out of surf session. On the calmer days I paddled with Andrew and got to get my family on the boards as well. On my last day two good friends I met from my time in Ft Myers/Miami came up for the day and we paddled a lot, found some little sand bar breaks to play on, had great food and a general great time! Thanks for coming up Robin and Bill! It's so amazing all the wonderful people I am meeting from around the world. Our SUP community is beautiful!

I am lucky to have such a loving family. Its hard living so far away but it does make the times we see each other so darn special.
Amazing 4 generations of Augaitis 

My days on Treasure island were spent running on the beach, SUPin, swimming, and chilling with the fam...

walking home after orning session photo by Karly Cox

I came home and had less then 24 hrs to unpack and repack for a cold water surf trip with friends. I have been spending my time here surfing, beach running, doing yoga, and some crosstraining workouts.. We have a sweet house right on the beach. Everyone is stoked to get out and surf and have a good time. I am excited that I am getting opportunities to get out in waves these days:) I have been paddling the SIC 9.9 Recon surf SUP board and been paddling with my Werner Nitro blade.
I love our local SUP/paddling crew....
morning session photo by Karly Cox

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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