Apr 11, 2013

TNR is back

 Spring has arrived with the start of the Deep Cove Tuesday Night Race!
Mike D and I battling it out: PIC from Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak

I started going to these races back in my peak adventure race days... When I started I didn't know anybody and I was in a plastic single sea kayak in the back of the pack somewhere...I later moved onto a surfski, met some great people and began to socialize, feeling like part of the TNR gang... Now, I work at Deep Cove and I race on a SUP, I know most people and I love the atmosphere, the people, the sport, and of course DEEP COVE CANOE AND KAYAK....

Last year I missed most of the TNRs (that's what the cool kids call these races...). Due to being in China and then traveling around... it was sad, as they are a key element to my summers in Vancouver!

Tuesday April 9th, was the first TNr of the 2013 season. It was windy, raining, and cold... typical winter night.. but it is supposed to be SPRING! ha....

I was paddling with my Grand Prix small blade WERNER paddle... Mike D lent me a Starboard 14ft 25inch carbon Ace. I don't yet have boards for the season so I will be trying to swing some deals until I do... hehe.. It felt quite stable up and down wind, and surprisingly speedy in the conditions we had that evening. I didn't really move my feet though as I find the double deep foot sockets tough for movement on the board... It was no problem as despite it being choppy the waves were not too big and I was able to keep the nose above water on the downwinds...I have never raced on a 14ft at a TNR but I wanted to this year as last year I left all alone.... not fast enough to be with the guys on the 14ft but too fast for most others on 12'6ft boards. I was flying solo most of the time and it certainly started to get a little old. So, I am happy to be on 14ft boards for these races, staying in the game and keeping it all exciting! It's all for the fun and training so REALLY the placing doesn't really matter....

This first race, I didn't expect much from myself as I am still in training mode and hadn't raced since 2012, therefore I had no means of comparing my strength to anyone else just yet. I was certainly surprised when I found myself chasing Mike D off the gun and then eventually deciding to pass him and finding myself in front of the pack... I certainly did not expect to lead the SUP crew to the first buoy. There was a strong headwind and usually that is a strength of mine but still... surprise.... maybe whatever I am doing is paying off?!?  sure wish I had been writing it all down:)

It was tough going until the turn around point at Lone Rock but I was keeping my lead. Then, after the turn around it was like a mini downwind all the way back... Now, typically I would say downwinds are my weakness, and they likely still are but hopefully not for long... what has changed is my confidence and enjoyment of them. THANK you Jeremy Riggs for all the coaching on Maui... I think it is paying off already:) Anyway, I was sure to find Mike D and others passing me but alas, I managed to hold my lead, surf some little waves, and paddle into a 1st place finish overall at the first TNR. I am sure this will change quickly but I have to say it did raise my confidence to feel so solid out there. It could be that having Molokai on my mind is helping me mentally and emotionally, pushing me everytime I get on the water. I am certainly out there paddling more and LOVIN' it. As I type this I am about to get ready for a little mtn bike ride with friends... It is going to have been a successful day of training despite working all day... I managed to bike commute for 2 hours to work, SUP for 45min and now hit the trails for about 1.5 hours...

Bob and I warming up:  PIC from Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak

happy training!
live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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