Apr 29, 2013

Last Week's TNR: Dion.... I have my eye on you:) Thanks Deep Cove for filming!

Last week an amazing package arrived at my door.... some amazing pieces from Laiph Clothing. Board shorts and tops. I got to try the Athena 18 shorts and Sol UV Top at last weeks TNR race. Check it out in the video.... The stretchy fabric allows for amazing movement and comfort and I am loving the bright colors... Although, now people can spot me from afar... a target;) I will continue to wear Laiph Clothing, different colors and styles so ask me about it and I will share. It is an amazing company with great values.

I am also excited to test out some different Werner Paddles. I am currently using a 76" Small Grand Prix. I've been wanting to try a bigger blade and shorter paddle for a while... Now, I get my chance... I am going to test out a 75" Medium Grand Prix this Tuesday at TNR. I am curious if for these shorter distances I will be able to get a little more power from the slightly larger blade. Also I feel like a slightly shorter length might lower the chance of shoulder pain over longer periods...
I am going to try  Nitro 73" for surfing when the opportunity presents itself... looking forward to a slightly shorter paddle for quicker cadence when trying to catch a wave.

A couple of weekends ago I got the amazing opportunity to work with my favorite photographer and good friend Colin Meagher. We met back in 2006 in Costa Rica while I was racing La Ruta, a 3 day mtn bike race across Costa Rica. Amazingly enough we are still in touch and still friends and I love seeing him when the opportunity allows (we are busy folks...) He is based in Seattle but came over to the shore and we did some trail running shots... he is amazing... I can't wait to work/play/chill with him again! You rock Colin... A couple of shots to showcase his style!

Two weeks ago, I also got the opportunity to paddle with Starboard super star Zane Schweitzer. He and his brother Matty Schweitzer were in town. I am sure some pictures will arise from the occasion, but we had a fun time sailing and testing out the Starboard Inflatables off of Declan's Sailboat and then I got to race him at our weekly Tuesday Night Races... Surprisingly I was only 50 seconds behind in a 5.2km race.... pretty stoked about that one!

Following a hectic week, I found myself exhausted..... A little too much exercise, a little too much time being overly cold outside in the rain, and not enough sleep.... I was forced to take an easy week physically... Luckily, I was out on expedition with our amazing students kayaking in the Gulf Islands... I feel rested and rearing to go again!

keep playing outside....
There is wind today... I am going to go chase some waves I think!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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