Feb 20, 2013

Using Family Day weekend as an excuse for outdoor adventures

There aren't many places in the world you can enjoy sick backcountry pow, paddle on the ocean in the most southern fjord in north america, and ride the gnarliest mtn bike trails in the world..... let alone all in one long weekend....


Whirlwind Peak

Andrew and I happen to have Fri through to Mon off and so we took advantage of this rare opportunity (since I got a full time job, and Andrew will very soon).....

We headed towards Whistler area to start the weekend off.... I truly miss this place... I constantly reminisce about my time there and hope that one day I will again be able to live in this magical place... but for now it is weekends that I get to spend there... We are on budget mode so instead of forking over 50$ each for one time lift tickets, we skied up singing pass for 5 hours to arrive into Russet Lake Hut for early Fri evening. We were greeted by a lovely french local and eventually his two buddies. I am always a little nervous for winter camping as I get unusually cold almost all the time... The hut is super cute but unlike others it has no way of heating other than body heat and so does get cold throughout the night (our water froze inside the hut!). Luckily, a few years back I got my MEC -20 sleeping bag and ever since, sleeping in +5C to -10C has been great... I don't know if I would actually survive a night at -20 though,.... We scored a well deserved 12 hours of sleep that night.

The next day an exploration of some fo the Spearhead range and a peak was on my mind. It was a bluebird day and I wanted to summit and stand on top of something... Whirlwind peak seemed like the most likely... We did a 3/4 summit on fissile before heading back out towards the spearhead range to hit up Whirlwind Peak.  We did have to break trail which being the two of us gave me lots of practice to refine this fine skill.... I enjoy the physical act of breaking trail but am sometimes unsure of the best route to take... practice practice practice....There was a small bootpack to get to summit and then.. SUCCESS! It was beautiful, there really is something magical about summits... I see why people get summit fever.. I fear I might be one of them:)
We had a wonderful ski back down to the hut, gathered our things and enjoyed lunch while watching the french guys shred up a crazy couloir on fissile... AMAZING! We decided to enjoy the early evening empty groomers and so had some more descents and some more climbs until we reached the ski resort boundaries and eventually the village. It is fun rippin' down the groomers after hours even with tired legs and big packs... Arriving back into the land of people and the happenings of the village was a little bit of a shock but I enjoyed the excitement of it all. After finding our car, we organized ourselves, enjoyed some splitz lentil burgers and headed for the duffey for more skiing with our friend, Paul.

Our first sleep in the Element was a total success, pretty cozy and fairly warm in the -20 sleeping bag and Andrew. The next morning we headed for Cayoosh peak. I was excited for yet another summit, and especially since we tried once before and ran out of time.... Sunday we moved quick and reached the last push with tons of time... Unfortunately, steep, slabby, unpredictable snow stopped us pretty close to the top... We headed for a different option only to find a treacherous ridge that none of us wanted to risk... so alas the summit was not to be reached but at least good company, a beautiful day, and fun skiing down was to be had!
With blistered feet, tired legs, and in need of a serious shower we headed for home... totally blissed and with smiles on our faces. I was hoping to get some computer work done on Monday..... but more adventure was calling me.... A calling I can rarely ignore...

On Monday, fellow SUP enthusiast, Michael C,  organized yet another great group paddle out in Deep Cove. I am really enjoying the lovely community of SUP paddlers. I unfortunately still wanted more outdoor adventure and didn't stay too long afterwards as the mtn bike was calling my name as well. When you can't decide I say just do both! Andrew and I rode Pangor in the Vancouver mist... fortunately in the forest I forget about the rain coming down and get totally focused on the trails!

All this activity has been great but my shoulder is definitely not healed and I need not forget about resting it so I can keep training, playing, and exploring.... OHHH and WORKING!

Ski tour, SUP paddle, mountain bike ride, and great people.... now that is what I call an excellent weekend!!!!!


live, love, laugh,.DREAM!

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