Feb 3, 2013

Goal setting... what it means to me right here, right now.

I feel like I have been hearing the word "goal" around tidbits of my life lately... As a result it got me thinking about my current goals. I constantly think about the various goals in different aspects of my life.

It's exciting to set "dream" goals, then when the "dream" goals seem like they actually might turn into "reality" goals I find things get a little frightening and doubtful before things just come into place with some perseverance, drive, and desire and then it starts to feel amazing and exhilirating. I am currently at the OMG what have I signed myself up for stage with my 2013 SUP goals (even though technically I haven't officially signed up for anything)

It hasn't been easy though to get where I am at currently with my SUP goals. In fall 2012, I wanted to dedicate 2013 to SUP. I wanted to train hard, race lots, and dedicate my life to SUP. As it turns out with the various choices I have made in life and the choices I still make today, my goals had to change/get tweaked.

Life handed me an amazing goal in a different aspect, one I couldn't turn down. At a point where I had been very close to giving up wanting to be an outdoor ed, or PE, or alt teacher, or counselor due to various aspects out of my control, an opportunity that I simply could not turn down landed in my lap. It was unexpected and at first caused me great confusion in the decisions I needed to make. It didn't take long for me to realize an opportunity to be an outdoor education teacher is really important to me and I really wanted it. This of course forced me to re-visit my SUP/athlete goals and I had to change things around a little... for most people, no big deal....

I had a huge internal battle, but know I made the right choice,... I can't explain it, it just feels sooo right.

My goals to do an expedition in Newfoundland and especially to race Molokai 2 Oahu scare the crap out of me... its part of the reason I know I should see them through... I want to be scared, I want to be pushed, even though sometimes I question myself WHY? These goals are huge, and sort of frightening because I feel like I am sooo far away from them. I feel like a little snowflea in a six foot  snowbank trying to find my friend. I don't know where to start? I feel alone in that I don't know anyone else close to me heading for the same sort of thing. It's gonna take a whole lot of perseverance, determination, and research to see these very exciting goals through.... its another job.... but I am looking forward to it. Also, I have to say I feel very blessed and lucky to have an amazing community of supporters such as Trident Performance Sports/Starboard, Nikki Rekman sales/kokatat, Werner paddles, Laiph clothing, Onit Pro, Ryders eyewear, Vega

I am starting to research about my July Atlantic to Pacific plans... there is tons to do... but I know the pay off will be conquering these awesome goals I have set for myself.

Being injured really puts a damper on things....
I have my first ever shoulder problem.. I am internally freaking out. I need my shoulders in top form and I want them in top form now so I can get them strong and fit for the upcoming season and be able to follow through with my plans. It is sooooo hard for me to rest, especially with my daily lifestyle but I must force myself to stop and let it heal and hope and pray it heals fast on its own. I  am trying to rack my brain and do some internet research to try and figure out what is wrong and how I can help heal it. I will gladly accept all healing vibes that come my way....

I think having goals, and making them push your limits keeps things exciting and you learn lots about yourself, and life. It aint easy but I think very worth the effort....

live, love, laugh,....DREAM!

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