Apr 22, 2012

Fun in the sun on Tea Mountain

It is getting warm over here... the last couple of days its been shorts and tank top all day kind of weather! I love it but it does mean that HOT weather is fast approaching, and I mean HOT (think perma sweat)

Hello ladies
Unfortunately, we had to work this Saturday due to some sort of hour requirements that I don't quite understand?!? I find the 6 day work weeks difficult at the best of times; when it is warm and sunny out its even mentally worse for me... I just want to be outside playing.... Luckily, after school Andrew agreed to come running with me. We connected the dots of parts of a loop we found mid mountain of tea mountain last weekend. We ran it backwards to see if we could connect the start and finish of the trail we found. It was a nice warm evening to go for a run, and I thought it would help me get over my anger of having to work on such a beautiful day... well, it worked! We connected the trail and found a fun 2 hour run loop with a mix of terrain that is mostly hard packed single track! I am sooo happy we found this trail,... it does make me sad to think that it will be gone in the near future as there is construction nearing the parts closer to the bigger roads but I am sure it will be around for as along as we are around.... as for next year: my prediction is that there will be a huge road and some apartment buildings instead of a fun singletrack through the woods!

Going up
Sunday: we slept in, went to the local market and made a huge breakfast with lots of coffee!... after some chores we headed out for a ride up along tea mountain. We both cleared the tough dirt road climb up the mountain which was hot and exhausting but very rewarding to clear. We then rode on along the ridge until we found a new trailhead we hadn't yet explored.... we locked the bikes up and headed up the path to the knife edge ridge.. we had some nice views and met some excited chinese students! We took a different path down and ended up in the wrong place but eventually found our bikes and rode them back along the ridge and down the lumpy dirt road... We scarfed down some cold noodles, egg fried rice, and bubble tea after a long adventure out in the sun.


We were over there Overall, a nice training weekend for Great Wall marathon.

more pics HERE

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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