Apr 2, 2012

Double Sunny Weekend in Yongchuan, CHINA. Spring is here!

Last weekend we got out and biked the backdoor way up to Tea Mountain. Went for a run/hike around the bamboos, tried to explore some different routes we saw from the peak and then headed back down in time for a cupcake party with the other canucks..

Sunday we headed for Cucumber mountain and failed to bring our cameras which was a little bit of a mistakes as it seems to be peach blossom season up there and the hill is covered with yellow, white, and pink flowers. We managed to bike the entire ridge down to a little ol' town and back up through a dirt road... not too bad for a chinese route.

This weekend:
Our friend Tyler moved out of the Maple Leaf Ghetto into a nicer and cheaper chinese castle. He finally had his house warming party... good times.


chinese country road

Youxi old and new

After a well deserved sleep in and some good faffing we got out at 11am and began our bike ride down a pretty ol' chinese country road. We decided to head for a yangtze river town called Jiangjin. This road was probably the nicest road we have biked on so far in China. This road was a good combination of nice scenery, twists in the road, hills, and little to no trucks. The road itself was in pretty poor conditions which is probably why there were so little trucks on it. We first found a town called Youxi where we stopped to explore parts of a remaining old town that they are obviously in the process of demolishing (sad).... Modern China just isn't as picturesque as old China. We stopped to check things out but I think there was a lot more of checking us out in the process...

Yangtze at sunset

Andrew by Yangtze

We then biked over another hill to the town of Jiangjin. We both really enjoyed this town. It seemed cleaner than most and was nicely situated in a big bend of the Yangtze river. We explored the town and tried to find the advertised bowling alley and swimming pool with little success only to find out they are advertised but not open (typical chinese). We hit the sack early and enjoyed a nice long sleep. We woke up to another sunny day for our ride back to Yongchuan. Once in Yongchuan, we enjoyed coffee and dinner on our balcony and some time just hanging out in the park.
Chinese black smoke

A pleasant two weekends.
more pics HERE

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!


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