Jun 24, 2011

Yukon SUP Expedition...the road Trip up north

We took three days to drive from Vancouver to Whitehorse.
After last minute packing and boat pick up on Day 1 we drove to just outside of Quesnel at the Ten Mile Provincial Park.  All went smoothly. We managed to get a great little site and the bugs although more intense than vancouver definitely still manageable. We cooked up a great meal of left over veg and took a walk to the lake.

Day 2 We started off the day with a lie in and then a SUP and kayak around the lake at the park. We wanted to test out the gear and also get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful sceneray before hitting the road. It was perfect. We stopped in Smithers for lunch/breakfast/dinner (we forgot to eat this day..oops!)
Smithers is a cute northern town with a ski hill and a great little bike shop! The map told me there was a provincial park just north of Bell 2 but it lied so we ended up spending the night in our car at a rest stop not too far from Iskut. On this day we saw a lot of wildlife, a total of:  9 bears, 1 moose, 1 fox (with a dead bird in its mouth) and a deer type animal... we didn't think setting up the tent was wise... Yay for Subaru outbacks!

We had a truckers breakfast at Dease Lake and pushed on all the way to Whitehorse! We got in at about 530pm bought the Mike Rourke's Yukon River book, had dinner, set up camp at Robert Service Campground, ran by the river, and then went out for a couple of pints just because it was light out at 11pm!

Today: we managed to finish our errands early and are going to hit the trails on our bikes..YAY!

all is well

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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