Jun 12, 2011

train, play, train....more playing..getting ready for expeditions and races!

Lots of fun things on the horizon and therefore there's been a lot of playing (or training I suppose some would call it).

The Kalamalka Lake Classic SUP race in Vernon June 18-19
The 24 hours of light Mountain Bike Race June 25-26
Paddling the Yukong River Whitehorse-Dawson (see tab above) approx June 27-July 3rd
Raid the North Extreme 6 day non stop adventure race with Yogaslackers July 23-31st
Vancouver SUP race Aug 7th

Tuesday Night Paddling Races in Deep Cove have been awesome for getting a hard paddle in and especially with more and more people coming out on SUPs. I think we started the year off with about 4 or so of us (which is what it kind of maxed out at last year:)) and now there are some 14 or so people coming out to race the Tuesday Night Paddling races on SUPs. It is super fun  especially since Mike and I have been battling it out each week which has provided for some fun entertainment, a hard workout and awesome commaderie. Thanks to Trident Sports/Starboard for providing me with a super slick and speedy board (The New) without I might have to work even harder to keep myself in the running out front:)

I am really looking forward to trying out my new Kialoa Paddle when it comes...

I've also been getting out on the board Monday nights before teaching SUP Fitness classes. Come out on Monday night 7-8pm to the Cove and try it out... It is a totally different way of getting a full body work out while enjoying the fresh air and peacefulness of the water.

While not on the board I am on the bike loads... Commuting all over the city due to my style of work and then again riding on the trails on the weekends and some week nights! I am so stoked on mountain biking these days since I got my free ride bike (kona minxy).

The shore although still harsh, technical, and physical... it is not as intimidating as before. I love my new found confidence on the BIG bike and look forward to the day I start huckin'..OH YEAH:)

Running used to be my main gig, loved it and still do, but it is difficult sometimes to fit it all in and especially when events are coming up that are long and specific. Although I am still getting out for runs they are short and kind of a filler at the moment... When I return from WHitehorse it will be full on as I prepare for Raid the North Extreme, where I will be racing with team Gearjunkies/Yogaslackers.

I just love multisporting so much.. There is something amazing about being able to paddle super well but then hit the trails hard on the mtn bike or go for a long run and then climb up some rock or hit up the pool for a swim... I'm all about it these days...I just need a couple of more hours in a day and a couple of more days in a week to fit it all in :)

But for now,

paddle paddle paddle..... bike bike bike...
Kalamalka Lake and Yukon here I come!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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