Jan 3, 2011

The Holidays....always an adventure!

I am going to be a little lazy right now and use my talented friends to help me share my recent adventures.

Andrew and I travelled to the UK for the Christmas portion of the holidays. And spent the last three days backcountry skiing from Pemberton around the Duffey Lake road mountains.

In short:
there were many cancelled flights; impromptu New York City highlights including a run around central park, a sprint in the Edinburgh airport, mountain biking on snow and ice in Sheffield, midnight mass in a 1010 year old church, running in the new forest with ponies, dutch bicycling, squatter restaurant, and dutch old man bar.

Sheffield mtn biking
Time Square
1010 year old church


Check Andrew's blog for Europe Fun!

And on the Duffey:
We hit up Rhor, Joffre Shoulder and Armchair Glacier (Cayoosh). SUN, powder, lots of climbing, pillows, and good friends!

Picture by Paul Palfreyman
Picture by Paul Palfreyman

Live, Love, Laugh,...DREAM!

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