Jan 26, 2011

Heading to the Selkirk Mountains

a quick update:

Had some fun with my dad. Showed him a little teaser of some of my favorite winter sports:downhill sking, xc country skiing and snowshoeing both in the sunshine and in the rain! haha

I have a free ride bike, love it and can't stop thinking about biking.... yes trails! I've been hitting up the local trails with Andrew on foot and bike lately in the warmish weather we have been getting in Vancouver. 

ALso have been still trying to figure out what I want to focus on in the summer re: races/trips/expeditions...I love everything too much: AR and SUP are high up there on my list and I have been drooling over some races/adventures concerning these two sports (luckily AR includes mtn biking, running, and kayaking)...

I am in Revelstoke and making my way to the Durrand Glacier Lodge where I will be working and living for the next couple of months. 

 Check out the Selkirk Mountain Experience... and be JEALOUS! 

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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